Team Interlabeling

A team of food labeling experts

“Alone we can do so little; together we can do so much.”


What can we do for you and your product?

What can we do for you and your product?

The Interlabeling team creates and translates food product labels

We handle editing and compliance through the use of detailed labeling reports. SEE REPORTS 

We help those who, like you, are trying to add value to their product and comply with the regulations. 

Want your food product to be appreciated by Everyone and recognized as the SAFEST? 

Information isn’t enough. Perhaps you’ve done research and it hasn’t gotten you anywhere. You need an expert. We want to show you what we can do for YOU. 

“Stay hungry. Stay foolish.”


WHY do we do food labeling?

The Interlabeling team does food labeling because it HAS the experience and the know-how.

We manage over 200 labels per month and require “double-checking.” 

If your product does not yet have compliant food labeling, then it’s time to act. Contact us.

We follow the progress of YOUR product step by step. You’ll only need to worry about your job, and Interlabeling will take care of food labeling compliance.

In a world of disinformation, Interlabeling offers clarity, coherence and ability. 


“My secret? I believed in myself when nobody else did.”



The Interlabeling team FOLLOWS A METICULOUS PROCESS in the creation of food labels. Click to see the Interlabeling process.

Our priority is that YOUR product’s food labeling is compliant, safe and detailed.

Contact us.

Want your food product to be appreciated by EVERYONE and recognized as the SAFEST? 

If you rely on the right people, your product will be recognized over time. If this is your goal, then you’re in the right place.

We’ve helped over 1000 companies to make their products compliant. 

“It takes 20 years to build a reputation and five minutes to ruin it. If you think about that, you'll do things differently.”

1° Step
Initial check
Initial procedure:
  1. First, the label is examined by the senior food labeling specialist.
  2. He/she checks the label, and corrects any errors in Italian or in English.
  3. The label is passed to the translation team.
2° Step
Translation process:
  1. The translation team is composed of native/bilingual translators, directly trained by Interlabeling: they don't work for competitors and the majority are located in the destination country of the products.
  2. They can verify, on location, the regulations and check with the local authorities.
  3. They confirm the laws directly in the language of publication.    
3° Step
Final check
Final procedure:
  1. When the label returns from the translators, the junior food labeling specialist.
  2. checks it and submits it to Andrea Filippini for the final check.
  3. The label report is released.
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Our mission is to offer our clients clarity, coherence and ability

The Interlabeling team

A team of experts

I'm Alessandra Muraro and I present the Interlabeling Specialist Team

alessandra muraro interlabeling etichettatura alimentare e Consulenze

Dr.ssa Alessandra Muraro

Food law expert

Founder of Interlabeling and team coordinator.

She has ten-years experience in the field of food law and food product labeling.

She works in close collaboration with public and private institutions as an instructor.

In addition, she oversees the interpretation of regulations the first-person training of her personnel.

Food Labeling Specialist Team:

Andrea Filippini

Senior Food Labeling Specialist and Translation Project Coordinator

Andrea oversees the coordination of the translation team and the final revision of the food product labels.

team interlabeling etichettatura alimentare

Native or bilingual translators
Junior food labeling specialist
Food law expert


Veronica Candiano

Account department

Veronica primarily oversees the administration and the back office.



Luca Galizia, Esq.

Legal consultant

Marco Galizia, Esq., FOUNDER of Lexfoodis our consultant for legal matters, for verification and for legislative updates.


Dr.ssa Emanuela Del Moro

Food safety

Emanuela has a degree in animal product sciences and works in collaboration with Dr. Muraro on the technical aspects of food safety and food labeling.

etichette alimentari conformi

Il team è poi reso completo da altri collaboratori:

- Traduttori madrelingua o bilingui formati appositamente per la traduzione delle etichette dei prodotti alimentari.
- Food law expert presso il Paese di destinazione della merce formati appositamente dalla Dr.ssa Muraro

How can we help you?

If you have any questions about food labelling or courses, fill out the form below and you will be contacted as soon as possible.


Are you looking for a partner with an established experience in the technical and legal evaluation of food labels? Are you looking for a partner who knows and is able to foresee the common issues experienced in the labelling industry and large-scale distribution?
Then Interlabeling is the right partner for you!

Our team is made up of native translators from over 30 countries around the world. By maintaining contact with local institutions, our translators have access to the most up-to-date and reliable regulations. Furthermore, they provide extremely accurate translations considering that languages are constantly evolving and that they often have multiple nuances according to the area where they are spoken.

Your time counts! Thanks to the excellent cooperation between translators and proofreaders, Interlabeling is able to provide accurate revisions and translations quickly. It is not a perfect system... however it is based on the passion for our job and our desire to prove ourselves a serious and reliable partner!

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